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We install septic systems in Garber, Perry, Pond Creek, and Surrounding Areas.

Are you building a new home or developing a new piece of rural land in Oklahoma that doesn’t connect to a city sewer system?  Maybe you have an existing septic system that is beyond repair and is now in need of a proper redesign and replacement?

Caliber Septic Service is a Garber, Oklahoma based septic services company.  We specialize in conventional septic systems including design, engineering, and installation for residential new construction projects or the replacement of existing septic or cesspool systems.  We also design and install aerobic septic systems.  We can design and install a trouble-free septic system suitable for the intended use and size of your household or building.

We are licensed, insured and all of our septic system installations are state certified.  We guarantee the highest quality workmanship on your septic system and years of trouble free service so long as the maintenance requirements are met (and we can help with that too!).

Septic System Installations In Garfield County OK

What Are The Steps And Permit Fees For A New Septic System Installation?

If it’s been determined that your system needs to be replaced or a new installation is required for your new construction project the first step in the process is to hire an registered septic engineer to evaluate your property and design a septic system that would be adequate for your particular property and wastewater treatment needs.

After you’ve hired an engineer the next step is usually a “perc” test otherwise known as a percolation test. The perc test is a useful tool in measuring the rate at which water is absorbed or dispersed into the ground where your septic system will be installed.

The perc test basically determines whether the soil has suitable drainage for a septic system or not.  The engineer will design your septic system based upon the results of the perc test, the size of your home or building, and how many bedrooms and/or bathrooms you have.

Caliber Septic Service Installs Septic Systems In Garfield County, Payne County, Kay County, and Logan County, Oklahoma.

Caliber Septic Service is a septic installation company based out of Garber, OK and serving the surrounding towns including Medford, Blackwell, Ponca City, Tonkawa, Enid, Waukomis, Crescent, Covington, Marshall, Lamont, and Billings.  We specialize in designing and installing conventional septic systems for residential applications.

If you’d like to receive a quote to install a new septic system please give us a call  (580) 548-7498 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.