Drain Field Problems

Septic System Drain Field Problems

Are you having a problem with your septic drain field?  Your drain field is arguably the most important part of your septic system and if it's not functioning correctly then your septic system is not going to be working as it was designed.  As waste builds up in your septic tank the solids settle to the bottom (known as sludge) and the liquid waste is dispersed into your septic drain field via the distribution box.  Your drain field is the last part of your system that waste water must pass through in order to reach the soil where it is then filtered by naturally occurring bacteria.

Drain field problems can happen for a variety of reasons with the leading causes usually being a lack of proper maintenance and care and/or damage to the drain field.  In either case, solids can often build up within your drain field which in most cases leads to a backup in your system.

Caliber Septic Service is a septic services contractor based out of Garber, Oklahoma and serving Medford, Blackwell, Ponca City, Tonkawa, Enid, Waukomis, Crescent, Covington, Marshall, Lamont, and Billings..  We specialize in diagnosing problems with our clients septic drain fields.  With a quick inspection we can usually discover the source of a drain field problem and come up with solutions for either a repair or a total replacement if needed.  If we can get your system back in action with a repair, we'll always recommend that route over a total replacement.

What Problems Occur With A Septic Drain Field?

The majority of septic system problems can be traced back to the drain field.  Either the drain field is clogged or it's damaged and the effluent has nowhere to go except to backup in your system.

  • Parking heavy equipment or driving vehicles over a septic drain field will often cause damage to the piping, causing it to collapse or crush.  Sewage effluent can no longer be dispersed into the soil if this happens.
  • Excessive amounts of rain can overwhelm a drain field causing the effluent to pool at the surface which leads to foul smells and pooling water.
  • If you have large trees surrounding the area around your septic drain field their roots can eventually find and infiltrate the pipes as they seek out the nutrient rich waste water.  Tree roots lead to broken piping and clogs.
  • Flushing "FOG" down your drain.  F.O.G. stands for "Fats", "Oils", and "Grease". It might be hot when poured down the drain and in liquid form but as it travels through your drain it cools and solidifies and eventually leads to a clog.  These clogs will almost always happen before your drain field though.
  • Flushing chemicals like paints, bleach, solvents, or other harmful liquids down the drain can kill the good bacteria within your septic tank and drain field.  This bacteria is essential to break down and properly treat the waste.
  • Older systems with old piping that can collapse, crack, or corrode.
  • Excessive water use can
  • Lack of maintenance which is usually a lack of pumping out the tank at regular intervals (generally every 3 to 5 years) will allow the solids to build up to an unhealthy level in the tank.  This can clog up your drain field, especially if there is no effluent filter in place.

With a thorough drain field inspection we can narrow down and pinpoint what your actual drain field problems are and make recommendations for an effective drain field repair.

How Do You Know If You Have A Septic Drain Field Problem?

A drain field rarely stops working without some advanced warning and tell-tale signs that trouble is on the horizon.  When a drain field is in trouble the most common symptom is that you'll have a clog in the system and wastewater will be backing up into your drains.  If you're at this stage right now give us a call immediately (580) 548-7498 and we can come and help you.

Signs You Have A Drain Field Problem:

  • Foul odors and smells coming up through your drains.
  • Very green grass or foliage around your drain field.
  • Water pooling around your septic drain field.
  • Backed up or clogged drains.
  • Slow drains throughout the home.

Septic systems aren't incredibly complex systems so if you're having a problem with your drain field we can usually diagnose and pinpoint your issue fairly quickly.

If you suspect a problem with your septic drain field give Caliber Septic Services a call right now (580) 548-7498 or fill out our online form and someone will get back to you quickly.  If it's an emergency please phone.